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BASE is your best source when it comes to streamlining every process of your construction job tracking. We manage everything from start to finish as we make sure everything is handled efficiently with visibility. Through our team’s effective solutions, we can guarantee that your needs will be met as we put an important emphasis on the quality of what we do.

Dedicated To The
Success Of Your Project

We work hand-in-hand with you every step of the way to achieve the best possible outcomes you desire. From project progress reporting, inspection, and lien waiver management to draw disbursement, our services are designed to minimize potential delays and costly risks.


What We Offer

Our team documents the construction projects through photos and videos to keep them on track. We also make sure the workflow is properly managed to eliminate payment errors, save time and energy, and reduce waste for all project participants. Every progress paperwork is recorded and collected electronically as well, keeping it more secured and accessible.


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Experience seamless and efficient construction job tracking management for your projects by working with BASE. We look forward to serving you!